Mark Treadwell

Mark TreadwellMark’s passion is to communicate how we can best prepare all learners for the world they will live, work and play in. Based on the latest research into how the brain learns, Mark has developed a learning framework that provides educators with a developmental schema for how learning takes place. The learning process lays the foundation for building greater learner agency (ownership) over their learning. Through an understanding of the learning process, all learners are able to build their capacity for lifelong learning.

Facilitating effective learning requires creating a curriculum that is both focused on conceptual understanding and is founded on the critical role of the learning process and the underlying key capabilities. Mark is keen to ensure that this theoretical framework is developed into a set of very practical processes and systems that can be implemented within schools. Mark’s presentations address the reasons for the multiplicity of changes that educators are currently experiencing in their profession as well as providing effective solutions and adaptive pathways in order to create the learning environments that are now required by schools.

The emerging new practices and processes empower learners with the capacity to learn efficiently and effectively, anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Mark has written numerous books and articles describing this paradigm shift in learning that are we now experiencing and he explains how educators can best address the challenges that they are currently facing.

Mark has presented over 300 sessions to national and international audiences over the past 5 years including: The International Confederation of Principals (2007/2013), The 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong (2008) and the Irish Principals Association (2007); Australasian Distance Education conference (2009); International Thinking Conference (KL 2009); British Schools Conference: (Chile 2012); NSW Secondary Principals conference (20009); The International Science & Technology Educators Conference (Estonia 2010); NKUL ICT Conference (Norway 2013). Mark was also chosen as the ACEL Australian Travelling Scholar for 2008.

“You may be pleased to know that your audience was the largest the RSSO has achieved and the number of requests for electronic copies of the lecture was the highest to date. Thank you again for delivering the sixth RSSO.”